In the Beginning…
May 29, 2012, 7:30 PM
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Rosie 12/12/10

Isn’t she so cute and little?

This photo is Rosie (Rose of My Heart) the day that we brought her home (12/12/10). Isn’t she so cute and little? As I add to the blog, I’ll add more pics, you’ll see that she got big and strong very quickly!

One of the best things that I did with her was start taking her to obedience classes right away.Training builds a bond between you and your dog, and makes them eager to please you. We used to laugh in the classes that I took her to, because usually if we messed up an exercise, it was MY fault, not hers! I would always say “Handler error!” The other thing that a good training class will teach you is to have appropriate expectations of your dog. Really, we humans are the ones being trained, not the dogs! It takes a baby human close to a year to learn to walk and talk. In much the same way, it takes a puppy time learn what you expect of him/her. Be patient, and remember they watch everything that you do. If they have a bad habit, chances are that you taught it to them without even realizing it!

My old dogs that are no longer with us were not nearly as well trained as Rosie and Ranger. I didn’t know as much then as I do now, plus I had small children that took up most of my time. They were both sweethearts, but more by accident than by plan! My suggestion is to find classes with a dog club or other trainer, someone that really knows dogs and dog behavior. The “big box” pet stores don’t tend to have the same kind of quality as a dog club or professional trainer. Not to say that is always the case! That has just been my experience.

Even if your dog is an adult, its not too late! We saw 3, 4 and 5 year old dogs that the owners were ready to give up on come to our classes and within the 6 week class time they were a different animal!

I also highly recommend that you read one or all of the following books:

  • How to be Your Dog’s Best Friend – The Monks of New Skete
  • How to Speak Dog – Stanley Coren
  • How Dogs Think – Stanley Coren

2 dogs, 1 leash – ZERO face plants!
May 28, 2012, 5:29 PM
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Hello world!
May 27, 2012, 10:57 AM
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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! Anyone that knows me knows what an Introvert I am and what a big step this is for me! I’m doing this to help people with all types of arthritis, autoimmune disorders and just plain, aging, worn out joints get more joy out of the time that they spend with their dogs, and maybe even find some ways to get motivated to do more and feel better. Staying active is the key to staying healthy, your dogs can and should help you with that!

I’m speaking from experience, and don’t claim to be an expert on dog training or specific medical issues. I have been a pharmacist for 20 years, have had dogs my entire life, and had a 2 level Cervical Disc Fusion and Carpal Tunnel surgery this past winter due to arthritis. I have been married for 25 years to a wonderful man. We have three children, my oldest is 24 and was diagnosed with Lupus this year, my second daughter is 19 and has had a few surgeries to correct issues related to Juvenile Arthritis, my son is 14, and is big as and healthy as, an ox. Seems like the girls got the unhealthy genes!

This past year as been a tough one for our family, but together we’re getting through. Our German Shepherds, Rosie and Ranger, had a lot to do with getting me back on my feet. I had to learn to be creative to keep them busy and retain their obedience training while I recovered. They were only 6 months and 13 months old when I had my surgery. That’s a lot of puppy energy to handle! My oldest daughter has an adorable mutt named Hank who is only about 25lbs, but he keeps her moving, and keeps her spirits up.

Stay tuned to learn some of the tricks that I discovered through research, and lots of trial and error, to keep my dogs physically and mentally active even on my worst days, and how they kept me motivated to heal.

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