Simple Indoor Games

So I promised some advice in how to keep your dog busy and happy even on bad days. I can’t share all of my secrets at once, or I won’t be blogging for long 😉 , but I’ll give you a few at a time to try. Let me know which ones work for you!

Today happens to be a beautiful Spring day here in the Philadelphia area, so we will be going out for a nice long walk later. It seems to me that the days that my joints hurt and I really don’t want to move are the overcast, all day rainy ones. My dogs don’t want to hear my excuses! They still want to PLAY!!! So I have come up with a few things to keep them distracted. Dogs, much like children, tire out more quickly if you make them think. Dogs think by using their noses, according to Stanley Coren noted dog behaviorist, when a dog sees something, it only confirms what their nose already told them. Interesting…

1 dog at a time.
Empty boxes of different shapes and sizes.
Some stinky, delicious treat broken up into bite-size pieces. String cheese works, hot dogs cut up very small and microwaved until dry are good too. Be careful to keep the treats small, you don’t want an overweight dog!

1. Choose one box that is the “treat box”. Always put the treat in that box, trust me, the dog won’t catch on… But you don’t want to confuse them by having the treat smell in all of the boxes.
2. Scatter the boxes around the room, but keep them kind of close together.
3. Put your dog in another room for just a minute.
4. Put a couple of treats in the treat box.
5. Bring your dog back, and tell them to “Find It”.
They will start looking through the boxes, and pushing them around until they find the treats.
6. Praise your dog and tell him/her how smart they are! They’ll appreciate that!
7. Mix the boxes around.
8. Repeat!
If your dog catches on quickly, you can make the treat box harder to find. Turn it upside down, put it further away, behind the couch, whatever you can think of, just don’t let your buddy get frustrated. Encourage them to succeed! After a little while, they’ll be tired and it will be game over! Then you can both take a nap!

Have fun!

Rosie says, “Hi! What’s going on?”



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