Indoor Training
June 4, 2012, 12:20 PM
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Ranger is really my son’s dog, he is Rosie’s 1/2 brother and 7 months younger. Patrick is 14, and don’t tell him this…but his dog is better behaved than mine! I blame it on the long break that Rosie and I had in training while I recovered from surgery, but the old adage that that people buy dogs like themselves just might be true!

Rosie is my loyal companion, prefers to be with me rather than anywhere else, and a fearless protector. The vacuum cleaner will never harm me, of that I am sure!, The cats have to ask her permission before they sit on my lap, and even then she will look at me as if to ask if I’m ok with the situation. She is a bit head strong, an independent thinker who sometimes decides for herself if the command I’m giving is the appropriate one. On occasion, when I have called her to “Come!”, but there was water nearby, I swear she has laughed out loud as she went for a swim. It’s almost like she knows when I really mean it or not.

She was always the star pupil in Obedience classes, probably because the teacher was looking! Most of the time she would anticipate what I was going to ask for next. It’s really difficult to admit that my dog is smarter than I am, but it’s true. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know how to read (yet), so let’s keep that our little secret – ok?

The one command that she had trouble mastering is the long down-stay. It was very difficult for her to have me 30 feet away while she was just lying there for 3 minutes. Anything could happen! So I figured out a simple way to teach her. Well the first part was figuring out that the word “down” didn’t really seem to mean anything to her, but the German command “platz” was a different story. She is a German Shepherd after all! The next step was kind of by accident. I was cooking risotto, which takes forever, you have to stand and stir for 15-20 minutes. She came over to see what I was doing, and I didn’t want her nose near the stovetop, so I told her to “platz”, which she did, and then the light bulb went off! I could turn this into a long down-stay practice! I got some string cheese from the refrigerator and broke it up into tiny little pieces and put it on the counter. Every once in a while, I would praise her and tell her “good stay” and drop a piece of cheese. (Always reward while they are down when you’re teaching down.) We did that for a good 15 minutes until dinner was ready, then I released her with a “good girl – ok!” (Always cue your dog when they have finished the job with a release word, you can decide what works between the two of you.) She finally got it, and I was so excited! For once I was smarter than the dog!


My point here is that training isn’t just strict time set up for learning and drilling. Your dog learns from everything that you do, whether you want them to or not. Be creative in your training where you can, take advantage of the opportunities that life creates. Your dog will learn more, and you will both be happier!

Have fun with your dogs!



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Gorgeous dog!!

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