You Just Have To Be Smarter Than the Dog…Easier Said than Done!

Our dogs always keep me thinking – that’s a good thing because without them keeping my brain busy while I healed after my spine surgery, I don’t know what I would have done. They make me laugh every day, I never know what they will come up with next! Sometimes, I must admit, I do lose my patience with them. Then I remember my Dad would tease us when we were kids – “You just have to be smarter than the dog, it shouldn’t be too difficult!” Of course, we didn’t have dogs like Rosie and Ranger when I was a kid!

Look at this picture of Ranger the week that we brought him home  in July 2011- isn’t he cute? Still dumb enough to fall asleep with his face in my teenage son’s sneaker 🙂

Ranger (8weeks) fell asleep in Pat’s sneaker – do you think it may have effected his IQ?

It didn’t take long for him to get big! This next picture is puppy Ranger next to 9month old Rosie about 2 weeks later. OK, so you see the growth pattern here…

10 week old Ranger with 9 month old Rosie

One of his favorite games as a puppy was to pick up his water bowl, dump it and play in the water. Even though it was kind of a cute trick, I knew it was one that he couldn’t keep forever. I can’t tell you how many water bowls I bought trying to find one that he couldn’t pick up and flip over. As he got bigger, it got harder and harder to find one. By the time I had my neck surgery in 11/2011, Ranger was approaching 100 lbs, next to Rosie’s 65lbs, there was no bowl that he couldn’t flip – even the “guaranteed” ones.  So here I am trying to navigate the house in pain, on pain meds, with a neck brace, and I would step onto the wet tile floor, slide a little and be almost on my butt! Call me crazy, but that was not a chance that I wanted to continue to take! I knew that my luck would run out eventually! I was getting pretty frustrated, but didn’t know what to do. Then I thought…”I just have to be smarter than the dog…”

So I moved the waterbowl, it’s not in the kitchen anymore, and we are both happy!


For both of us!


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