No, Really – I Have Lost My Mind!

So we have two beautiful, loving German Shepherds. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. They are my best friends, they make me laugh, encourage me to get my tired, aching butt in gear and get things done. Without them, I’m sure that some days, I would be perfectly content to sit on the couch, drink tea, and revel in being sore and achy. Dogs don’t go for that though, they play and work even when they feel horrible. Rosie jumped a 4ft high X-Pen a few days after she was spayed, but that’s a story for another day… Point is, how can I resist taking them for a walk or playing with them on a day that I just kinda don’t feel good, when I know that they would suffer and do far more for me if the situation demanded?

I write this blog to encourage people with chronic illness to not give in to their illness, let your dogs help you to enjoy your life and heal; if you’re considering giving your dogs away, maybe you will find the strength and some suggestions that will allow you to keep them and to help you feel better.
My 19 year old daughter has a Black Belt in TaeKwonDoA and at a National level for years, she even won the Gold Medal in her division at Jr Olympics one year. Unfortunately, she had to give that up, because she has a form of Juvenile Arthritis, and has had wrist surgery and 2 knee surgeries to correct issues related to the JA. So when she comes to me and asks if she can get a puppy, because she needs something more to do, to get her motivated and more active again…what can I say? So yes, by being true to my convictions, I have also certified myself insane!
Next Tuesday, we welcome a new Border Collie to our family! She doesn’t have a name yet, she is coming from a ranch in Oklahoma. Feel free to send suggestions for names! Her photo is below, the breeder says she is somewhat of a terrorist, but I’m sure that Rosie will keep her in line! I’m pretty excited, but don’t tell! 😉




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Oh my, how exciting! Having three will change the dynamics of the pack and you will get the opportunity to observe some fantastic behaviour. You have a proper pack now!

Comment by coomberism

Yes we will. I hope I’m tough enough to remain Alpha 😉

Comment by cbyron1027

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