Patience is a Virtue
June 7, 2012, 2:19 AM
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My mother always tells me that she should have named me Patience so I would have some…
Well, after lots and lots of training, Pat & I (or should I say Ranger and Rosie?) both reached new milestones tonight. We were about 1/4 mile apart across the pond, both working on off- leash obedience. Pat has been worried that Ranger has no drive b/c he is so mellow. Rosie on the other hand (paw), has extra… I had her in a sit-stay, while I meandered around. All of a sudden, I saw her look right. I turned and there was a deer running across the field, but she stayed!

A few minutes later she was in a down-stay, she looked right again and the same deer was sprinting back across the field. She stayed again! I walked back over to her, reattached the leash, and saw her little paws were dug into the mud! She really wanted to go! I told her to sit, then released her. She must be growing up – I’m so proud of her!

Ranger on the other hand, when he saw the deer he was playing with Pat. He turned and looked at Pat to ask permission to chase it. Pat said go ahead, and Ranger almost caught it. Don’t know what we would have done if he did…but at least he is showing some drive!




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Wow, that’s great for Rosie. It is tricky to get a female not to chase as speed is what the use to prove their worth in the wild.

Comment by coomberism

It’s been tough teaching her to stay. She is very independent, and I had neck surgery when she was about a year old which really through our training out if whack! She’s maturing, and I’m healed, so we are getting back on track. It was very exciting though!

Comment by cbyron1027

That prey drive is hard to tame! lol. Kudos to Rosie for holding the stay! My girl would ignore all commands once a critter is in sight so we’re still doing commands on lead.

Comment by learningdog

I was shocked that she stayed. I didn’t test it for long though- I put her right back on the lead! We have been working outside on obedience since I brought her home (on lead for a long time). I figure that’s where it really counts, because that is where they can get into the most trouble!

Comment by cbyron1027

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