Hot Dogs! How to Keep Dogs Busy When It’s Too Hot to Walk

It has been soooo hot in the Philadelphia area lately! We’re almost in Winter mode, where we don’t even want to stick our noses outside. Having A/C makes it easier to just stay inside than to face 95 degree temps with 100% humidity. Short term, that feels pretty good, it satisfies your sense of self-preservation. I don’t know about you, but some days I feel like I am literally going to melt in this heat!

Unfortunately, as we all know, if we spend too much time sitting on the couch, not getting any exercise, we pay in the long run! Muscles need to be used to support sore joints, joints need to move to stay lubricated and mobile. So even in the “Dog Days of Summer”, we have to play with our dogs. My dogs get antsy and in trouble if they don’t have enough exercise, they need outside time. Maybe they’re just nosey and need to know what is going on outside, because even 15 -20 minutes of playing is often as good as a long 1 hour walk.

So here is my thought for the day. All you need is some shade and a garden hose, a baby pool, or sprinkler can add to the fun, but are optional!


Rosie, Ranger and I had a great time paying with the hose. Rosie attacks it as if it were a big snake, Ranger prefers to get in the pool and dig in the water. We all get a little wet and cooled off! If I hold the hose up high, I get a good stretch, and some easy exercise; think of the bending, turning, holding, not to mention toweling off the dogs! It all counts as low impact exercise, and it gets you off of the couch without dying of heat stroke!

Get out and enjoy your dogs. Let them help you to feel better and live life more fully!


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